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Innovation on show at NMW 2009

The latest manufacturing technologies for small and medium manufacturers will be demonstrated at the Innovate 09 showcase, which will run alongside Austech and National Manufacturing Week (NMW), to be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from May 12-15.

According to Greg Chalker of the Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute Limited (AMTIL), which is overseeing Innovate 09, the showcase will be an excellent opportunity for manufacturers to catch up with the latest innovations in manufacturing.

“Innovate 09 will showcase leading technologies for small and medium manufacturers, and will show how those technologies work with each other, so that manufacturers get the most benefit,” said Chalker.

“It will also be an opportunity for manufacturers to receive good, unbiased advice from technical experts, on how to best employ different technologies in their business.”

A highlight of Innovate 09 will be the demonstration of a new combination laser and punch press, which can fold both upwards and downwards. It’s the first time this technology has been shown in Australia.

Other highlights of Innovate 09 will include: Titanium machining for medical, an affordable “lights-out” automation section, leading aerospace machining techniques, smart materials handling and storage technology, and a simulated clean room area for nano and micro manufacturing.

While the simulated clean room won’t be used to actually manufacture items, due to technical limitations of the demonstration area, all other technology on show will be “processing components live”.

“For example, the titanium machining equipment will be used to machine a jaw implant,” said Chalker.

“The affordable lights-out automation section will be used to manufacture products, and will be completely unmanned. A robot will load and unload the machine; the robot will take items over to the coordinate measuring machine, and there will be a metallurgy process taking place. There will also be some rudimentary assembly done by the robot.”

The demonstrations will be run every day during NMW. For more information call John Delpech on 02 9422 2568, email, or visit

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