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Land Forces

Just weeks away from the Land Forces 2022 International Land Defence Exposition in Brisbane, the event’s program is strong in presenting new technologies and concepts that may one day form part of Australia’s defence capability.

While the exhibition floor is expected to showcase the latest from the wide range
of Australian and international defence companies present, Land Forces will
also feature its two familiar means of highlighting specific technologies and their creators: the Land Forces Innovation Awards, and Innovation Pitchfest.

Innovation Pitchfest

Cutting-edge Australian companies and research centres participating at Land Forces 2022 will pitch their innovative ideas and technologies to the Australian and international community at the LF2022 Innovation PitchFest.

Organised by the Defence Science Institute (DSI) in partnership with
AMDA Foundation Limited, the Defence Innovation Partnership (DIP) in South Australia, Defence Innovation Network (DIN) in New South Wales, Defence Science Centre (DSC) in Western Australia, and Queensland Defence Science Alliance (QDSA), PitchFest will take place on

Thursday 6 October as part of the Exposition’s innovation program.

This will be industry’s chance to present new products and R&D projects to an audience of potential customers, research partners and investors.

This event will consist of three-minute pitches aimed at demonstrating Australian innovation, research collaboration and the development strengths of the pitcher’s idea or research project. Three-minute pitches must demonstrate:

  • Uniqueness and novelty of the innovation
  • Application or end goal of the innovation.
  • Where future collaboration may be of benefit (and with whom).

They will be more than a sales pitch, engaging a general audience in a tight, three-minute timeframe.

Land Forces
The Land Forces Innovation Awards and Innovation PitchFest provide platforms to highlight new Australian ideas.

PitchFest is a supportive, professional environment and pitchers are advised to highlight their projects and products with due consideration to protecting their IP.

The sessions are an opportunity to showcase an innovative idea, technology, application or product in the early stage of its development (pre-commercialisation). Pitchers are encouraged to take advantage of the fast-paced atmosphere of PitchFest, to hook and engage the audience with their presentation.

Presentations will be judged by an expert panel with the top three recognised with a custom trophy.

Present at PitchFest will be the Australian Army’s Future Warfare Branch, which is particularly looking for pitches that address the challenges or speak to the topics of:

1. Current events are highlighting that the proliferation of multispectral sensing means that the battlespace of the future will be highly populated with sensing, making it increasingly hard to remain undetected. How does the Army of the future avoid detection across the full range of detection means?

2. Information and Influence. The Army has a particular interest in being able to disseminate information to a diverse and disparate set of audiences in support of ADF operations – our region is home to a broad range of cultural groups, separated by mountains, vegetation, water and technological divides. How can 21st Century technology and innovation be employed to increase the efficiency and efficacy of information dissemination?

3. Deployable Biometrics. The explosion of bio measuring devices presents both and opportunity and risk. How does Army leverage this opportunity and guard against the risks in the battlefield of the future?

The PitchFest offers serious exposure to a potential investment community.

Land Forces Innovation Awards

Land Forces
Micro-X won the 2021 Land Forces National Innovation Award, for developing the world’s first mobile, lightweight X-ray machine.

And while the pitchers have their three minutes of potential fame, the Land Forces 2022 Innovation Awards will also highlight Australian industry developing the next generation of capability, be it a product, service or new way of doing business.

Awards will be presented in the following categories:

  • LAND FORCES 2022 National Innovation Award
  • LAND FORCES 2022 SME Innovation Award (including a $15,000 cash award)
  • LAND FORCES 2022 Young Innovator Award (including a $15,000 cash award)
    The awards are open to Australian companies or the Australian subsidiaries of overseas parent companies. The innovation can be a new product or service or a new approach to business. Entries will be judged on originality and their understanding of user needs.

“The ideal innovation award candidate provides a solution to a known problem, or an advance that will materially improve an existing process or capability,” said Justin Giddings, CEO of LAND FORCES organiser AMDA Foundation Limited. “The ideal candidate is already at a development level that could see it fielded in a reasonable timeframe.”

“In keeping with AMDA Foundation’s mission to promote industry development, the awards are designed to encourage and reward excellence by Australian companies and emerging engineers and scientists.”

The AMDA Foundation Innovation Awards program sees similar awards presented at the biennial Australian International Air Show and Aerospace & Defence Exposition at Avalon, and the INDO PACIFIC International Maritime Expo in Sydney.

The Awards program has awarded some $455,000 in SME Innovation Awards and Young Innovator Awards since first presented in 2013.

In 2021 the Land Forces Innovation Award winners included:

  • National Innovation Award: Micro-X (South Australia) – for developing the world’s first mobile, lightweight X-Ray machine.
  • SME Innovation Award: SPEE3D (Victoria and the NT) – for developing a battlefield 3D printing system to shorten the Army’s supply chain.
  • Young Innovator Award: Dr Brodie McDonald of Defence Science and Technology Group (Victoria) – for leading the development of computer models to predict how the armour on military vehicles will behave under the onslaught of an IED or land mine.

In addition, four Award contenders won a High Commendation:

  • LAND FORCES 2021 National Innovation Award HIGH COMMENDATION: DefendTex (Victoria)
  • LAND FORCES 2021 Defence SME Innovation Award HIGH COMMENDATION: Milspec Manufacturing Pty Limited (New South Wales)
  • LAND FORCES 2021 Young Innovator Award HIGH COMMENDATION: Mr Harry Veivers, DMTC Limited (Queensland); and Mr Mackay Whight, Cyborg Dynamics Engineering (Queensland) The awards are designed for practical innovators: individuals and companies who intend to bring a new product or service (or business process) to market. An innovation can be defined very broadly as a new idea that gets adopted and used. So entries to the Innovation Awards are judged not only on their creativity and technical mastery, but on their business case.

The Land Forces 2022 International Land Defence Exposition will run from 4-6 October at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Queensland. For more information or to register, go to www.landforces.com.au.

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