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Inline and 90° hydraulic live swivels

SPRAY Nozzle Engineering has released a complete range of inline and 90° hydraulic live swivels to suit fluid, air and gas applications.

The standard range is available in 1/8″ through to 2-1/2″ thread sizes with the swivels rated to pressures up to 10,000 PSI and are designed to withstand heavy side loads.

The swivels are available in either carbon steel or 440C stainless steel, with various plating options; zinc plating for non-corrosive environments such as hydraulic and nickel plating for mildly corrosive environments such as mild solvents.

Chrome or stainless steel ball bearings and seal kits of Vitron, ideal for petroleum based applications and temperature ranges of -26°C to 121°C; Aflas, ideal for use with individual chemicals and temperature ranges of 0°C to 204°C; or Teflon, high resistance to individual chemicals and temperature ranges of -26°C to 204°C / 1500psi max, allow for customisation of the swivels to suit an individual application.

This new range has a full flow, low pressure drop design and is fully repairable. NPT and BSP threads are available as standard. Custom swivels are available upon request.

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