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Injured worker wants $1.3 million, robotic fingers after workplace accident

A former metal fabricator is claiming $1.3 million in damages over a March 2012 accident which saw her permanently lose two fingers.

The Morning Bulletin reports that Georgina de Bruyn was operating a circular drop saw to cut aluminium when the blade severed her left index and middle fingers, and was left with “significant disfigurement”.

According to de Bruyn, her employer – Simmons Glass and Aluminium at Tannum Sands, Queensland – had demanded work be done at an unsafe speed, without the correct training and safety guards.

She is claiming $1.3 million in damages, over $124,000 of this for the trial and supply of replacement robotic fingers.

According to Simmons, WorkCover has already inspected the workplace’s equipment and found this to be up to Australian standards.



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