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Infectious waste cleanup systems

NEW waste cleanup systems are being introduced by Enware Australia to help public and private organisations protect staff, visitors, clients and customers while complying with WorkCover code of practice for handling body fluid spills.

DVD includes step-by-step actions for managing a spill.

The five industry and application-specific ZeoMed systems are complemented by a new interactive OH&S Staff Training and Induction DVD that includes video footage and step-by-step actions for managing a spill.

Each kit is designed to provide a hygienic handling and disposal system for spills commonly encountered in workplaces, public and recreational areas, including blood, vomit and body fluids that pose health hazards including HIV and hepatitis.

Customised kits can also be produced to suit the particular needs of individual sites.

The five kits include:

* Quick Response Body Fluid Spill Kit (ZEO2S13), designed for in-field use with portable first aid kits for quick access by employees.

* Body Fluid Biohazard Spill Kit (ZEO-BZ001), which is ideal for corporate, hospitality and public domains, located near first aid stations or cleaning trolleys.

* Cytotoxic Body Fluid Spill Kit (ZEO-ZCYT), which is designed for facilities including hospital, medical and age care facilities. The Cytotoxic kit provides additional protection for cleanups of body fluids from patients who have been treated with cytotoxic drugs.

* Laboratory Spill Kit (ZEO-Z009), which is configured for laboratory and similar applications where spills may be body fluid or other liquids, such as chemicals.

* Multipurpose Spill Kit ZEO-ZO14), for venues such as supermarkets, variety stores, shopping centres, restaurants, hospitality and transport terminals where staff or the public may be at risk from biohazard and chemical hazards as well as slip and fall hazards.

ZeoMed kits – which can be hung next to fire extinguishers or placed in first aid kits for quick recognition – include protection required by the Australian Safety and Compensation Council (formerly the NOHSC).

Contents of different kits include absorbent powder, absorbent cleaning cloths, sealing waste disposal bags or sealing bulk containers, face masks, splash goggles, gloves, aprons, scoops, scrapers, bright yellow waste warning materials and instruction sheets.

“It is now a legal requirement for all employers to have controls in place to protect staff from potential infection from body spills. The legal requirements extend across a broad range of industry, commerce and public institutions, ranging from hospitality and entertainment venues, to retail, industrial, transport and medical and laboratory facilities,” says Enware ZeoMed manager Scott Whittaker.

The requirements apply equally to operators of hospitality venues as to health care facilities; to factories as to retail outlets; clubs to schools and transport terminals; mining and construction sites as to facilities where food, beverages and primary products are prepared and processed.

“Aside from blood-borne pathogen risk resulting from body fluid spills, there is a genuine risk resulting from general spills,” Whitaker says. “Slip and fall inquiries are one of the highest costs to businesses and potentially disastrous for accident victims.”

ZeoMed cleanup powder incorporates a pure, non-toxic form of zeolite, a naturally occurring mineral that is a quick-acting, natural absorbent of toxic and noxious odours.

It absorbs excess moisture, helping coagulate spills, which are usually a combination of viscous and solid materials. It is inert and has no expiry date.

ZeoMed spill kits have been developed in consultation with Workcover to comply with each State’s Code of Practice and legal requirements. The kits are 100 per cent non-toxic, have unlimited shelf life and are EPA approved.

ZeoMed Spill Management Systems and kits provide an easy, compliant solution to meet 2005 WorkCover Legal Requirements for protecting employees from exposure to Hepatitis and HIV in the workplace.

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