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Industry says deeper emission cuts won’t cost the earth

THE Clean Energy Council, Australia’s peak renewable energy body, is anticipating a smooth start to the emissions reduction model which will be released today by Professor Garnaut, but says deeper trajectories are achievable and won’t cost the earth.

Rob Jackson, GM Policy Clean Energy Council said they are looking for modelling that will see emissions stabilise to at least 2000 levels by 2020 before a sharper decline to reach committed targets and cut emissions by 60% to 2050.

“Much deeper, long-term trajectories can be reached in a carbon market where the CPRS runs alongside complementary measures like renewable energy or energy efficiency,” Jackson commented.

The Government’s committed renewable energy target of 20% by 2020 will deliver cheaper abatement by driving investment in clean energy solutions and minimising our dependence on emission intense fossil fuels.

With the largest portion of Australia’s emissions coming directly from stationary energy, any reduction strategy must include low emission energy solutions, like renewables.

“Investment in complementary measures today will help cushion the impact of emissions trading on homes and businesses well into the future,” Jackson said.

Professor Garnaut has highlighted the need to act urgently on climate change and the industry agrees, saying a faster entry to the CPRS will provide economic stability and unlock renewable investments worth over $20 billion.

“The renewable energy industry is ready right now with proven technologies to meet Australia’s growing energy needs and achieve the necessary abatement required to combat climate change,” Jackson added.

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