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Industry recognition for Endress+Hauser

A PROACTIVE initiative by Endress+ Hauser to alleviate the shortage of skilled instrument technicians in the manufacturing industry has been recognised by the RMIT School of Electrotechnology in Melbourne.

John Immelman, Endress+Hauser Managing Director, was recently presented with a Certificate of Recognition by the instrument course co-ordinator Graham Williams and his colleagues Garry Barling and Bruce Kendall , on behalf of the Head of School, in appreciation of Endress+Hauser’s significant contributions in instrumentation, documentation for training materials, service and repairs and technical instruction.

“Endress+Hauser’s material and non-material contributions over the last two years has benefited the School enormously, particularly the students in their practical training,” Williams said.

“Recently, we have observed that industry demand has never been greater. Career prospects have never looked brighter. We value the strategic alliance that RMIT and E+H has in providing otherwise expensive resources required to train the technicians” he added.

The RMIT in Melbourne is the only Australian Institution offering a five-year apprenticeship course with dual trade qualifications in Electrical and Instrumentation.

It also offers a standard three year straight instrument apprenticeship program, in addition to a Certificate IV bridging program for electricians wishing to cross train to become instrument technicians.

“Interestingly, the financial rewards and attractive career prospects are enticing many qualified electricians back to tertiary studies to secure their second qualification as instrumentation specialists,” Williams observed.

All of Australia’s key industry verticals rely on process control instrumentation and control systems to manufacture or process their products.

Industry has recognised that using electricians without instrument training to maintain and repair sophisticated process controls is not cost effective. E+H, as part of its commitment to education and social development, is pleased to be associated with RMIT.

Acknowledging the importance of the issue and Endress+Hauser’s industry responsibility, Immelman adds:

“Manufacturing today recognises the major contribution that process automation and instrumentation make to plant efficiency, profitability and productivity. It is in our best interests to ensure qualified technicians are available to meet their growing need.”

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