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A hand with safety – Across industries, workers’ safety continues to be a trending topic. 

And with mainstream media increasingly shining its light on issues such as the hazards of silica dust and asbestos-contaminated mulch, broader awareness of these issues will continue to grow.
But according to Steven Edwards; Category Manager – Safety, Materials Handling & Storage at Motion; there are many crucial topics within industry circles that don’t receive the same attention.

“Respiratory safety will continue to be a major topic in the public eye, but within industry, hand injury continues to be one of the bigger topics,” said Edwards.

“In industries like manufacturing and food production, people are using their hands most of the time. There’s a constant risk of cuts, bruises, knocks and jams, so use of gloves is important – and finding the right glove for the job is crucial.”

Over the past 20 years, Edwardssays a lot has changed when it comes to the design and use of gloves in industry settings.

“At the turn of the century, it was mostly just leather rigger’s gloves and candy back gloves,” said Edwards.

“These days, it’s trending more to synthetic materials, and became more specialised. Everyone’s now interested in a glove’s ‘cut rating’, which indicates levels of cut resistance. Additionally, there are quite thin gloves which are reinforced with special synthetic material to prevent a box cutter from piercing through.”

As part of its solutions-based offering, Motion can even conduct glove audits for its customers to ensure the right product is being used in each application.

“Sometimes workers will be using the wrong glove, or they’ll have four or five varieties when one will do the job,” said Edwards.

“It’s always about finding the right solution for customers, and if we can also supply them a better product, then that’s a bonus for us.”

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