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Industry cool with new documentary

SKILLSONE, the multi-media platform of The Institute for Trade Skills Excellence, has produced a documentary showcasing the many skills and trades that make up an industry.

Together with the Air Conditioning and Mechanical Contractors’ Association (AMCA), SkillsOne is presenting an exciting insight into the thousands of men and women who help to keep Australians cool.

Cooling Australia examines the technical side of refrigeration, while highlighting the exciting careers in this high-tech industry.

‘Cooling Australia’ follows four individuals working in the Air Conditioning industry and looks at where this forgotten career has taken them.

The four case studies have been filmed across Victoria and will be broadcast as a 30-minute documentary at 2pm on April 26 on the Aurora channel (shown on Foxtel Channel 183 and Austar).

SkillsOne and the Air Conditioning and Mechanical Contractors’ Association of Australia (AMCA) have collaborated on the research and production of this documentary.

David Eynon, Executive Officer of AMCA said the documentary enabled them to offer fresh insights into careers in Refrigeration (Air Conditioning) Engineering.

“What people don’t realise is the endless opportunities that the refrigeration sector offers people — the diversity of their roles, where jobs can take them and also the very impressive salaries.

“For people considering a career in the Air Conditioning sector the documentary also examines the financial benefits, including the many government incentives available due to Air Conditioning being seen as a ‘priority occupation’.

“SkillsOne showcases expert Refrigeration Engineers, (Air Conditioning) young and old, who have found a niche and in many cases a lifetime business in refrigeration engineering,” Mr Enyon said.

SkillsOne Chief Executive Officer, Brian Wexham said the AMCA documentary was a natural step for SkillsOne.

“The opportunity to work closely with AMCA on a full length documentary that highlights the many amazing careers that exist within the refrigeration (Air Conditioning) sector has been a rewarding process for all involved and will no doubt help expand employment in the sector.

“SkillsOne ordinarily produce short segments on thousands of different trade skills and our decision to partner with AMCA to produce a documentary length program reflects how interesting and varied the refrigeration trade is,” Mr Wexham said.

One case study features Mechanical Engineer Manager Daniel Sullivan, who works for a major corporation involved in the Building, Construction and Air Conditioning Maintenance industry. Daniel highlights how school leavers can pursue similar career paths to become the next Engineering Manager of leading air conditioner provider, D & E Air Conditioning.

Another case study looks at a Generation Y plumber — Paul Roache who, already at the age of 25 has bought his own home.

CEO of A.C Hall Air Conditioning, Alex Hall also discusses the industry from a business owner’s point of view to assure others that like most Refrigeration (Air Conditioning) Engineers, everyone is a Refrigeration Apprentice Mechanic before they can create an empire.

Cooling Australia is also able to be viewed 24/7 on the SkillsOne website after the debut screening on the Aurora Channel on the 26th and 27th of April at

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