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Industrial voltage measurement solution

voltage measurement

Ipektronik’s X-Link device series has been extended by a fast six-channel measurement module for RLDA and STG applications.

A part of the X-family, Mx-STG2 6 supports TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) sensors just like Mx-SENS2 8, Mx-SENS2 4 and Sx-STG.

Compared to CAN-based devices, users benefit from a much faster LAN connection, according to the company. The XCP on Ethernet supports a high number of devices, covering more than 100 channels within a system. Channel data rates up to 100 ksamples also enable RLDA applications that would commonly request high-dynamic measurements. The software integration is ensured by the IPEmotion Plug-In Ipetronik-X V02.04 and the IPEaddon INCA V05.07 supporting ETAS INCA 7.1 and INCA 7.2.


  • Six fast analog signal inputs for voltage/STG
  • Six dual sensor excitations (up to +/-5 V, +/-45 mA)
  • Offset and target adjust functions, shunt check
  • Internal resistors for bridge completion selectable
  • Hardware-filter can be switched off
  • TEDS Class 2 support
  • Measurement data output via XCP on Ethernet or CAN
  • Complete galvanic isolation (inputs, CAN, Ethernet, power supply)
  • Designed for automotive applications
  • Tool-less module to module connection
  • Ruggedised and compact modules for harsh environments

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