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Industrial Scientific recalls GasBadge Plus, cites detection fault

Industrial Scientific has issued a product recall of all current GasBadge Plus instruments version 2.2 and earlier, manufactured prior to February 2012, due to a defect that may cause the user to be exposed to noxious gases without being alerted, resulting in poisoning.

The company said the GasBadge Plus single-gas portable gas detection instrument may not properly indicate a low battery condition, resulting in a failure to “alarm” or “instrument shut down”. This condition is exacerbated when the instrument is used in temperatures below room temperature.

The company is recalling the detection for safety reasons. The instrument was available for sale nationally from 1 March 2009 to 17 January 2012.

The GasBadge Plus was supplied by Industrial Scientific Australia and sold by Airmet Scientific and Protector Alsafe.

The following part numbers are covered by this recall:

  • GasBadge® Plus – Carbon Monoxide 18100050‐1, 18100050‐1xx, IPLU501
  • GasBadge® Plus – Hydrogen Sulfide 18100050‐2, 18100050‐2xx, IPLU502
  • GasBadge® Plus – Oxygen 18100050‐3, 18100050‐3xx, IPLU503
  • GasBadge® Plus – Nitrogen Dioxide 18100050‐4, 18100050‐4xx, IPLU504
  • GasBadge® Plus – Sulfur Dioxide 18100050‐5, 18100050‐5xx, IPLU505
  • xx = optional alphanumeric designation


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