Industrial automation component supply

Automation is present across various industries, and each industry demands specific and unique components. Treotham Automation’s product range aims to meet these requirements and subsequently plays a pivotal role in the machinery utilised in multiple sectors. 

Treotham Automation stands as one Australia’s foremost supplier of industrial automation components, catering to a diverse array of sectors.

The scope of industries leveraging automation in their production processes is expansive and multifaceted.

At one end of the spectrum, there are applications like miniature automation systems in digital printers, where components such as “Energy chain” cables, connectors, and protective housings facilitate precise movement of printer heads through computer interfaces.

Another example is the automation employed in tasks like moving arms in car wash systems.

Additionally, the company caters to large-scale enterprises involved in bulk handling, supplying essential components for machinery like cranes in shipping and port operations or stackers in mining facilities.

Targeted industries

Treotham Automation serves a wide array of industries where automation is paramount. These sectors include bulk handling, where automation facilitates efficient shipping and mining operations.

Cranes in construction sites, ports, and manufacturing facilities benefit from automation for safe and precise load handling.

Automation is crucial in food and beverage manufacturing, ensuring consistent quality and efficiency.

In food processing, there is significant demand for equipment that meets FDA standards, and Treotham provides solutions tailored to such requirements.

Machine tooling industries rely on automation for precise manufacturing processes like CNC machining.

Across various manufacturing sectors, automation streamlines production lines and improves product quality.

Mining operations utilise automation for tasks such as drilling and hauling, enhancing safety and productivity.

Packaging industries benefit from automation for efficient product packaging and labelling.

Ports employ automation for container handling and logistics management.

Offshore industries utilise automation for remote monitoring and control of offshore facilities.

Railway systems rely on automation for signalling, train control, and maintenance tasks.

Additionally, automation finds applications in robotics, safety systems, stage lighting, and entertainment industries.

Ensuring high-quality products

Treotham Automation prides itself on offering top-tier products across various categories, including cables, connectors, sensors, safety equipment, and robotics.

These products are carefully curated from globally renowned manufacturers, recognised for their unwavering reliability and long-lasting durability.

Benefiting from a dedicated team of seasoned engineers and technical experts, Treotham excels in providing comprehensive guidance and support to businesses, ensuring they select the most suitable products for their specific applications.

From offering detailed technical documentation and product specifications to aiding in installation, troubleshooting and maintenance.

Recognising the diverse needs of businesses, Treotham collaborates closely with clients to craft tailored solutions that align precisely with their requirements.

Whether it’s devising custom cable assemblies or recommending suitable sensors for unique applications, Treotham delivers personalised assistance to meet every client’s needs.

At the forefront of technological innovation, Treotham represents market-leading organisations that continuously invest in research and development to introduce cutting-edge products and solutions to the Australian market.

Ensuring uninterrupted access to essential products, Treotham maintains robust partnerships with manufacturers and suppliers worldwide, guaranteeing a dependable supply chain.

With well-stocked local warehouses housing numerous “stock items,” businesses can rely on Treotham to provide prompt access to the products they require, minimising downtime and disruptions to their operations.

Automation components

Treotham Automation offers a diverse range of solutions tailored to optimise industrial processes.

Treotham’s Energy Chain solutions efficiently manage cables and hoses, ensuring seamless operations in dynamic environments.

The product line emphasises guidance and protection, ensuring the safeguarding of energy, data, and signals from environmental factors.

Demonstrating high compatibility, it integrates cables, hoses, interior separation elements, and other components seamlessly.

For durable and resilient connectivity, Treotham provides Flexible Cables, which are meticulously designed to withstand rigorous industrial conditions.

Treotham’s Flexible Cables represent reliability within the field of electrical engineering.

Meticulously crafted with precision, these cables deliver exceptional flexibility while maintaining durability.

Designed for dynamic applications, they effortlessly adjust to the rigours of demanding environments, spanning from industrial machinery to robotics.

Featuring innovative designs, the cables Treotham supplies ensure high performance and an extended lifespan.

Tailored to a variety of requirements, they facilitate efficient power transmission and signal control.

Whether within manufacturing plants or intricate automation systems, Treotham’s cables ensure uninterrupted connectivity, mitigating the risks of downtime.

Treotham also offers a wide range of connectors, which facilitate seamless electrical connections, enabling smooth integration within industrial setups.

Versatile connectivity options are available across various applications and industries, ensuring stable connections with premium build quality.

Tailored connectors for specific sectors, such as rail, entertainment, and stage lighting, offer specialised solutions.

Globally recognised brands like ILME, LAPP, TEN47 and Hummel provide products meeting these standards.

Treotham’s bearings are crafted to deliver reliable performance across various industrial applications.

Utilising innovative technology from Igus, Treotham employs their iglidur bar stock and tribo 3D printing techniques to reduce friction and improve wear resistance.

Their bearing range also encompasses a variety of options, from spherical to clip and slewing ring bearings, catering to a wide range of industrial needs especially in the hygienic environments.

They also offer modular linear and efficient lead screw technology, providing precise and smooth linear motion and transfer.

This versatility ensures optimal functionality across diverse operational settings, making their solutions suitable for numerous applications.

Another example from Treothams catalogue, includes flexible conduits.

Treothams flexible conduits offer exceptional cable protection, serving as a robust defence system against mechanical strains and environmental risks.

Designed for various applications, such as rail vehicles, industrial machinery, ship electrical systems, renewable energy installations, telecommunications, medical equipment, and hygienic environments, these conduits provide versatile solutions.

Treotham also offers a range of safety products, which includes emergency stops, magnetic coded sensors and more.

The assurance of optimal safety is provided through products such as safety relays and control systems, ensuring a secure and reliable environment for operations.

Adaptive solutions are offered through products like programmable controllers and time delay relays, catering to diverse industrial requirements and offering versatile safety solutions.

Quality assurance is guaranteed with certified, tested, and approved safety products, promising steadfast reliability and durability.

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