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Indra Australia to deliver IED forensic technology for Army

Indra Australia has been awarded a $36 million contract with the federal government to design and manufacture a Level 2 deployable forensic laboratory capability that is being procured under Project LAND 154 Phase 2.

The system, supplied by Indra, will be used by the Australian Army to provide a forensic support capability for a range of roles including Counter Improvised Explosive Devices (CIED). It features technology to enable collection, analysis and documentation of evidence from IED incidents.

Over 90 per cent of the contract will be executed by established Australian equipment manufacturers and distributors, including Daronmont Technologies, a South Australian company, which will manufacture the laboratory shelters to the operational, environmental and technical specifications required.

Indra will also transfer the appropriate technology to ensure that the systems can be maintained and sustained entirely and independently in Australia.

Indra has been present in Australia since 2007, with close to 140 employees and offices in Sydney and Newcastle. It is a major supplier of enroute radars and air navigation equipment (Navaids) to Airservices Australia, is a worldwide supplier of DVORs Navaid systems from its production facility in Sydney and is currently executing Air 5431 Phase 1 and Navaid replacement projects for the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF).

In 2015, Indra was awarded a contract to deploy one of the largest security systems in Asia Pacific – the supply and integration of 9500 cameras into a fully digital video management system for Sydney Trains.

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