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ImmersaView helps UK defence company

British defence technology company QinetiQ relies on Brisbane-based ImmersaView, a company that develops advanced software solutions for complex visualisation applications in the defense, simulation, audio visual, education, energy, and emergency services industries, to capture high-quality vision from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Touring the UK headquarters of QinetiQ, Minister for State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning Cameron Dick said it was another example of what he terms as “Queensland leading the world” when it came to defence technology.

“When monitoring UAVs from the ground there’s an overwhelming amount of information in play,” Dick said.

“ImmersaView’s VADAAR system makes this data accessible, which is why international defence technology giants like QinetiQ are choosing Queensland.”

Founded in Brisbane in 2006, ImmersaView has since expanded with offices in the US and UK.

ImmersaView President Dr Andy Boud said this growth, particularly exporting into overseas markets, has been assisted considerably by the Queensland Government.

“ImmersaView was successful in securing an Advance Queensland grant, which has helped us to support our international customers,” Boud said.

“We’re lucky to be working with leading defence and aerospace companies developing highly skilled jobs in Queensland, and the Minister’s UK visit helps raise our in-market profile to customers, which is good for us and good for Queensland.”

While at QinetiQ, Dick was also introduced to the latest developments in unmanned vehicle technology and research, including test, trial and evaluation (TT&E) sites.

“QinetiQ has worked with the UK Government to create TT&E sites that enable them and other developers of unmanned systems to prove their technology under real-world conditions,” he said.

“Seeing their systems firsthand has confirmed to me that the Queensland Government is on the right track in creating our own TT&E sites for land, sea and air-based drones.

QinetiQ Australia managing director, Greg Barsby, said the use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) are an increasingly important enabler in surveillance, security and defence operations.

“In the UK, QinetiQ and the Ministry of Defence run the world’s most sophisticated and modern unmanned and autonomous systems TT&E sites,” Barsby said.

“We’re supporting the Queensland Government in defining a world-class UAS TT&E range that will be attractive to a wide variety of global large companies, specialised SMEs, academia and defence.

“There is increasing demand for suitable airspace and land to develop, test and certify advanced technology.

“We see the work we are doing with the Queensland Government as the first step in creating a vibrant and long-term UAS test and trials industry for Queensland.”

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