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Imagine IM opens new Geelong facility

Earlier this week, Imagine Intelligent Materials opened up a new facility in Geelong, Victoria in what it says is a “world first” in production of fit-for-purpose graphene for manufacturing applications. The event was opened by Craig Laundy, the Federal Assistant Minister for Industry.

In addition to the support from the government for their efforts, the AMGC also announced a $250,000 grant to co-fund projects commercialising graphene at an industrial scale.

“Imagine IM has demonstrated a capacity to both develop and manufacture highly effective end products which have revolutionary implications for manufacturing industries in Australia,” said Laundy.

“I view our commitment as a signal to the Australian industry that this new generation of materials is where we can boost our impact in global competitiveness,” said managing director of AMGC, Dr Jens Goenemann.

To date, Imagine IM’s imgne X3 graphene coating has been developed and used on Geofabrics bidim C nonwoven geotextiles, producing a superior solution for leak detection in a CSG containment pond before commissioning. Over 10,000 sqm of this were installed earlier this May.

Chris Gilbey, CEO of Imagine IM said, “We are at an inflection point in the integration of graphene into manufacturing processes. Graphene is a game changer allowing ‘dumb’ products and materials to become smart.”


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