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Project: DAD v8.2 Engineering Design Solution

PIONEER of upgrading programmable systems, West Australian company I&E Systems provides instrument and electrical engineering services to a wide range of business and industry sectors.

The company has developed DAD v 8.2, a single source user defined object oriented database model for any connected system.

Users are now given the power to consolidate all the network information and model it within a secure database system linking critical documentation and information in the same location.

DAD is a standalone application that improves integrity and availability of information for engineering and maintenance of plants and facilities resulting in saved time and money.

Using an integrated modelling approach, engineers can design, reverse engineer and integrity check design within a dynamic virtual model

All inputs are user-defined objects in DAD, which allows users the ability to control the type and presentation of information while the tool harnesses the integrity and consistency of data.

The program is currently enjoying growing adoption within the engineering industry as a result of increased pressure to reduce cost and increase efficiency.

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