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Iconic Holdens set to break records

In what could be some of the lowest kilometre mid 80s Holden’s existing in Australia is a VL Walkinshaw and VN SS Group A that are going to auction expected to fetch over $1 million.

Lloyds Auctions COO Lee Hames said the VN Commodore SS Group A up for auction ticks all those boxes in terms of criteria of a high value.

“Who knows what these cars will sell for, they are already fetching well into 6 figures due to their limited build and extremely low kilometres, but we must remember the effect of the Holden Closure in Australia where we have seen a trend of records broken since they closed,” he said.

“When selecting cars for their potential to increase in value it is important to tick several boxes, namely, rarity, heritage, and desirability.”

The presentation of the iconic VN Group A SS is build number 180 of only 302 ever built in Australia makes it a highly sought-after Holden vehicle.

The VL Walkinshaw is in complete original condition and is arguably the most collectable VL Walkinshaw in the country with one of the lowest kilometre examples in the country with travelling just over 1400 kilometres.

It was known that in Group A racing any carmaker wishing to compete had to build a run of at least 5000 production cars after which they could then spin off a special racing mode. It had to be built and sold to the public but could have several special featured aimed at making it a better car and this was such the car.

These were built for racing and highly desirable as it was the last “homologation special” Holden built for Group A before the rules were changed to the current Supercar V8 formula which doesn’t require any special models to be built in production.

This car along with another 120 American, European and Australian classic cars are up in a National auction next weekend on Saturday the 24th of April from midday.

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