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Battery manufacturing stalwart announces multi-million dollar upgrade

Australia’s oldest battery manufacturer Century Batteries has announced a multi-million dollar upgrade of its factory equipment and expansion of its research and development team.

The investment is forecasted to boost production capacity by 20 per cent to 1.3 million batteries. Century employs around 600 employees across Australia and New Zealand.

General manager of automotive sales, Stu Stanners, said the company prides itself in offering customers a range of market leading products and services, which continue to set new standards in performance and reliability.

“We are committed to continuous new product development and invest significantly in local manufacturing to ensure we set new standards in product performance,” he said.

“Our core strength and competitive advantage lie in delivering exceptional products supported with an industry-leading service network.

“Manufacturing in Australia is getting tougher, so we have to become more innovative, designing batteries that better suit the Australian climate.”

Almost every component of Century batteries needed for manufacturing comes from other local manufacturers, such as lead ore from South Australia, recycled components from New South Wales and plastics and signage from Queensland.

The watershed moment for Century’s success occurred in the 1980s, when they formed an international partnership and signed a technical agreement with Japan Storage Company, Yuasa.

The call to buy Australian made also comes from Century Yuasa general manager of operations Matthieu Anquetil.

“As a manufacturer we certainly need state of the art machinery, but that can only go so far. We are only as good as our people and our customers,” he said.

“We want people to know we are about keeping jobs here in Australia, so we need every Australian to really consider Australia-made.”

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