ICN Flagship supply chain platform gets anniversary update

Industry Capability Network continues to celebrate its 40th anniversary this year, with an update and redesign of its flagship Gateway by ICN platform.

The new look and feel were informed by user-based research that focused on key themes such as:

  • design
  • user experience
  • site understanding
  • expectations
  • product offering
  • dashboard functionality.

“The relaunch of Gateway by ICN in 2024 represents a significant step forward in delivering a more intuitive, feature rich platform that meets the evolving needs of our subscribers, project owners, key partners and other external stakeholders,” ICN National Office chief executive officer Warren Jansen said.

“This process has been heavily informed by user feedback and will continue to undergo user testing and improved developments.

“We aim to provide a cutting-edge platform that develops with technology, matching stakeholder needs while also continuing to foster collaboration and drive industry growth.”

The user-centric design ensures a seamless and effective experience for both SMEs and project owners.

It includes new and improved features such as:

  • advanced project matching algorithms
  • personalised dashboards
  • intuitive navigation systems.

“The new Gateway will make it easier for businesses to connect and collaborate,” Warren said.

“It will enhance the visibility of SMEs and project opportunities and lead to a better fostering of collaboration and networking within the industry and subscriber satisfaction.”

The first iteration of Gateway goes back to 1996, when it wasn’t much more than a chance for suppliers and buyers to let ICN (then the Industrial Supplies Office) know about what they needed and what they offered.

Since then, Gateway has helped local businesses secure more than 95,000 contracts.

“Gateway by ICN is the pivotal connection between major projects and the best suppliers in the regions. It is a simple, easy to use tool for major projects across Australia and New Zealand to promote upcoming procurement and contracting opportunities,” Warren said.

“With more than 400 suppliers subscribing each month, this powerful project and supplier database provides a vital connection between Australian small and medium enterprises and project owners.”

Gateway allows procurement and supply chain managers to search for suppliers and list work packages online, while suppliers can upload a company profile and register interest in suitable projects.

“Major project owners use Gateway to connect with more than 80,000 Australian suppliers to find their best suited supply chain partners,” Warren said.

“It puts all the supplier information at their fingertips, allowing for smooth onboarding and a seamless, end-to-end procurement process.”

“For suppliers, a Gateway profile gives them access to opportunities they may not be able to find elsewhere and puts their company in front of Australia’s – and the world’s – lead contractors.”

Since it began in 1984, ICN has helped local businesses land almost $55 billion worth of contractors.

For more information about how ICN can help your business grow, go to icngateway.com.au or call 1300 961 139 |

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