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Hysata to commercialise UOW electrolyser for hydrogen production


The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) is investing $750,000 in Hysata, newly launched electrolyser manufacturing company, on behalf of the federal government to commercialise electrolyser production technology, aiming to bring down hydrogen production costs. 

The CEFC’s first hydrogen-related investment, researchers from the University of Wollongong have been working to overcome barriers to enable the broader use of electrolysis. This is a critical technology for producing hydrogen from renewable resources. 

Having successfully developed a new electrolyser, the University of Wollongong expects it to improve production efficiency and capital costs, which are two of the key factors in establishing a hydrogen industry in Australia. 

Hysata is aiming to commercialise the University of Wollongong’s technology. 

Australia’s clean hydrogen industry is continuing to gain momentum, according to minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction Angus Taylor. 

“The Morrison government has a vision for Australia to be a major global hydrogen player by 2030,” Taylor said. 

“Industry has a key role to play in helping us achieve this, which is why we’re backing research and development and innovative projects like this one. 

“Australian-led research will help to drive down the cost of new hydrogen technologies as we work to ensure that clean hydrogen can achieve cost parity with higher emitting alternatives as soon as possible,” he said. 

As a key priority under the government’s Technology Investment Roadmap, industry and government are working to lower the cost of hydrogen to under $2 per kilogram. Allowing large-scale deployment will highlight hydrogen as a competitive energy alternative. 

An Australian hydrogen industry could generate more than 8,000 jobs, many in regional Australia, and deliver over $11B a year in gross domestic product by 2050. 

The government has invested more than $900M to support Australia’s clean hydrogen industry, including $275.5M in the 2021/22 Budget to support the development of regional hydrogen hubs. 

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