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Hydraulic copy slides for lathes

IF a single point tool or cutter is required to machine a component, then a Mimik copy slide can save machining time, without having to install a CNC machine for the work requirement.

A Mimik copy slide can be mounted on a lathe, vertical milling or vertical boring machine.

A copy slide can:

* Machine a 50mm ball from bar in two minutes to a tolerance of .0005 on diameter.

* Machine an axle from square bar to size holding .005 on diameter within four minutes.

* Re-machine form rolls back to shape and size in a very fast time.

Mimik copy slides are versatile due to a stylus that can sense forms through 360 degrees. A valve arm system allows the user to quickly allocate stylus and tool relation.

The copy slides can take heavy roughing cuts of material and at the same time control size-holding to fine tolerances.

Over the years, Mimik copy slides have been sold in Australia and are still available for applications such as:

* Machining of die contours.

* Machining of tapered threads.

* Machining of components that have bearing tolerances both internal as well as external on the same set up.

* Machining valve balls to within tolerances of better that .0005.

* Machining rolls for contouring metal and roof tiles.

* Machining rail wheel contours.

The Mimik system can also be fitted to vertical milling and boring machines. For this application, hydraulic motors/clutches are fitted to the feed shafts. Internal as well as external vertical contours can be machined, such as large curves and ship piston dome heads.

Copy slides are available in sizes of 1.5″ stroke for small lathes and up to 11″ stroke for larger lathes.

For more information contact:

Thornhill Machine Tools

(03) 9532 1452.

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