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Hundreds consider class action against Bayer over contraceptive drugs

Hundreds of women in Australia who have used Yasmin and Yaz oral contraceptive drugs are reportedly interested in a class action lawsuit against pharmaceuticals company Bayer.

The safety of these drugs, which contain the sex hormone drospirenone, was called into question by studies published by the British Medical Journal in 2011. The studies showed an increased risk of up to triple the chance of a developing a serious blood clot.

The ABC reports that more than 600 women in Australia are interested in being part of a class action lawsuit against Bayer related to the pills.

Tim White from law firm Tindall Gask Bentley said that US cases against Bayer had had success, and the number of Australian women – most of them qualifying for a potential suit – was surprising.

“The majority of the women that we’ve had dealings with have been very significantly affected as a result of taking either of these two drugs,” White told the ABC.

“By that, what I mean is that these women are being hospitalised.”

The Therapeutic Goods Administration acknowledges studies showing the increased risk of clots, concluding that all oral contraceptives “pose a small risk” though it had no plans to restrict the sale of Yaz or Yasmin or remove them from the market.


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