How does job shop software efficiently track jobs?

Job shop manufacturing software helps create a production environment where businesses and their employees can flourish.

Implementing a powerful manufacturing shop software solution can benefit small and mid-sized shops. A quality management software package for manufacturing businesses can be customised to meet the specific requirements of a particular operation. However, the one need at the forefront of all manufacturing shops is the ability to accurately track tasks in real-time throughout every step of production. This capability allows shops to manage profit better and empower employees throughout the production team.

Using software for manufacturing businesses

Much like the software solutions used by large-scale manufacturing organisations, software programs for small- to mid-size manufacturing businesses integrate all business and production functions within an enterprise.

Quoting, ordering, invoicing, shipping, costing, and inventory control are conveniently managed under one solution. Real-time tracking of assets and processes through software such as ECI Solutions’s JobBOSS2 provides an efficient, cost-effective, and smooth-flowing operation. These flexible programs offer convenient, user-friendly interfaces that can adapt and expand with a business as it grows.

This software helps measure performance from the shop floor in real-time for operators, management, and other manufacturing personnel. Personal computers or touch-screen terminals can be set up at each workstation, allowing employees to access work orders and schedules, enter and monitor production data, and analyse detailed job information.

Productivity and efficiency rates are backed up by readily accessible statistics. Workers are directly involved in the process and generally do not need to stray from their work areas for work-related inquiries. Additionally, with all systems networked and integrated, production information can be accessed from any terminal in a facility at any time, or sometimes even a mobile tablet or phone.

Job shop manufacturing software has helped create a production environment where businesses and their employees can flourish. These applications allow workers to make themselves aware of areas needing improvement and track their successes in meeting established goals. This creates a win-win situation for everyone in the business.

ECI Solutions provides complete, industry-specific software that makes it easier for you to do business. For more information, get in touch with the ECI team and learn about the benefits of cloud computing today.

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