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Hoshizaki heats-up at the awards

AN ADELAIDE-based manufacturer specialising in professional food service refrigeration units and heat recovery systems, Hoshizaki Lancer, has taken this year’s trophy for the Australian Industrial Product of the Year for its Lancer Ecco Heat system.

Managing director, Joe Thorp, accepted the award on behalf of Hoshizaki Lancer at the official ceremony on 25 May in Melbourne, claiming he and the company greatly appreciate being chosen for the gong.
"This product is very significant to our company. It’s free hot water from a system, providing less than one year payback," he said.

Thorp made a special mention of Frank Seeley and Seeley Products International, winner of the Consumer Product of the Year award, during his acceptance speech.

"I worked with Frank Seeley for five years and I would like to thank him. He’s been an inspiration to me. He is a great leader. I would like to acknowledge him for what he has done," Thorp said.

The Lancer Ecco Heat system is a de-super heater that captures the waste heat from refrigeration systems and converts it to free hot water through a tube-in heat exchanger.

According to Thorp, up to 20% of the energy input to the considering unit can be reclaimed through hot water generation.

"We have taken the de-superheat principle and applied it to existing refrigeration systems. This is coupled to a circulation system designed to generate hot water," said Thorp.

The product units match refrigeration units in cool rooms or air conditioners and are suitable for businesses ranging from small convenience stores to supermarkets, convention centres and hotels, according to Thorp.

The units are designed to have a rapid payback period, depending on the capacity of the refrigeration plant and the number of tanks to be heated.

"Ecco Heat provides an approximate one-year payback, which is a significantly shorter period than solar hot water," he said.

In addition, it can also be scaled up as businesses grow or add refrigeration capacity.
Though the principal behind the Ecco Heat product is relatively simple, significant work went into ensuring the units were easy to retrofit to existing air conditioning air units and compatible with new air conditioning products.

According to Thorp, the new unit fits a niche in the market by exploiting an existing waste produce (heat). He says they also have a quicker payback period than other environmentally-friendly water heaters on the market.

Lancer has recently signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Actrol for Australian distribution, while trials are also underway for deployment in Indonesia.
These distributions are expected to result in a significant increase in work; the Ecco Heat products are all produced in Adelaide.

Lancer employs 90 people at its Beverley, South Australia facility, which includes a factory producing some 120,000 machined parts a year together with tubing ‘python’ glycol chillers, founts and beer taps.
Customers include Coca-Cola Amatil, Schweppes, Lion Nathan, Fosters, Coopers and many more.

One of the company’s largest installations has been the Sydney Olympic Stadium (ANX Stadium), which has 42 four-way Multifills and 114 two-way Cobra founts, making a total of 396 beer taps. The system also includes 10 Glycol chillers and nine kilometres of tubing python.

On the Stadium’s opening night, the system comfortably coped with demand as patrons consumed 90,000 litres of beer, or 1,800 50-litre kegs.

The company’s revenue is approximately $40 million-a-year, and Lancer recently achieved a rare ‘triple crown’ by simultaneously being awarded ISO 9001 accreditation for a quality management system, ISO 14001 for sound environmental performance and AS 4801 for safety management, following an independent examination of its Integrated Management System.

Thorp said the company has focused for many years on making its products and processes as environmentally compliant as possible.

"In particular, we have sought to reduce the energy consumption and carbon footprint of our flagship products, the Lancer S4 and S8 Soft Drink Superchillers and a heat exchange system designed to generate hot water from waste heat from refrigeration units, now known as Ecco Heat," he said.

The judges described the Ecco Heat system as an innovative energy saving device.

"An excellent product to drive the industrial industry," they said.

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