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Honeywell and Flowserve combine to fix IIoT manufacturing issues

Manufacturers in fluid management industries such as power, chemicals and oil and gas, often require complex software architecture to ensure their operations are safe, efficient and reliable.

A new partnership between Honeywell and Flowserve will combine domain knowledge of flow management equipment with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology to help solve some of those challenges.

“The key to an effective IIoT ecosystem is to have three things,” said Andrew Hird, vice president and general manager of Honeywell Process Solutions’ Digital Transformation business.

“First, you need to have secure access to the data being collected; secondly the capability to analyse that data; and finally, you need domain knowledge to understand how to deploy information to benefit the operation. Flowserve’s domain expertise in flow control solutions that include pumps, valves, seals and services is unmatched globally, which makes the Honeywell-Flowserve IIoT ecosystem unique for our customers.”

This is not the first collaboration between the two companies. Honeywell’s automation and controls technologies are utilised at more than 10,000 manufacturing sites around the world. Flowserve—which supplies pumps, valves, seals, automation, and services at industrial sites in more than 55 countries—has instrumentation and services co-located at many of those sites.

According to the companies, the combination simplifies and optimises data consolidation, as well as cyber and software development, resulting in a simple-to-use data infrastructure that gives customers secure methods to capture, aggregate and process data.

No matter the size of the data set, manufacturers will have the domain knowledge to apply analytic processes to extract the insights they need to make the right business decisions—decisions that affect their ability minimise unplanned shutdowns and safety risk, maximise output, and optimise supply chain strategies.

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