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Holden, Ford join forces to save Autodom

An announcement is expected today on Holden and Ford’s plan to ensure troubled car parts maker Autodom keeps operating.

Autodom was put in voluntary administration over the weekend after last Thursday’s decision to put an “indefinite” halt to operations at three factories in Victoria and South Australia. CEO Calvin Stead blamed a reduced demand for new cars and announced a trading halt.

Today Ford and Holden are expected to detail their plan to keep Autodom running during the administrators’ efforts to restructure, confident that a solution can be reached.

"Quite clearly, it illustrates our commitment to ensuring that the automotive industry, and the multiplier effect it has on employment across Australia, are important to the country's future," Craig Cheetham from Holden told News Limited.

Ford and Holden have put aside their commercial rivalries to ensure that both have access to car parts, noting that such close collaboration is a rarity.

"We’ve worked together on smaller projects, but I'm not aware we've done anything like this before," said Sinead Phipps from Ford.

The Australian Manufacturing Workers Union has said the aim is to ensure that the factories can start running again.

"We need to be working with the administrators and the car companies to ensure that they can go through this administration and keep the doors open and the machinery running," the AMWU’s Leigh Diehm told the ABC.

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