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High speed synchronous cutting tools

PROTOTYP is offering a new range of high-speed tools for efficient synchronous cutting – with increased tool life and greater process security.

Precise thread depth without manual program corrections.

The performance of the tools has been significantly increased by various changes to the geometry and coating.

With synchronous thread cutting tool guiding is carried out by the CNC machine. Particularly at greater speed ranges and cutting rates, the shorter thread part of the synchronous thread tools ensures less friction and reduced working temperatures.

In addition, the greater flank relief also guarantees a lower temperature on the cutting edge. This advantage becomes more and more evident as cutting rates increase, i.e. high-speed tapping is possible.

With synchronous thread cutting, the user obtains a precise thread depth without manual program corrections, thus guaranteeing a consistently high thread quality and process security.

A further advantage of Synchrospeed thread tools is universitality: they can be used for a very broad material spectrum. This means the user can reduce the number of tools and also the costs for tool fixtures.

In dependence of the material to be machined, PROTOTYP offers synchronous tools with custom-made coatings.

The special TIN coating of the blind hole tap guarantees (particularly with greater thread depths and when machining soft materials) a secure production process and an optimum service life of the tool.

All Synchrospeed taps with the high-grade THL coating are also suitable for use with stainless steel.

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