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High speed CMOS camera

THE Dalsa Falcon 1.4M100 CMOS camera from Adept Electronics is packed with quality features, such as vertical windowing, flat-field correction, global shutter, exposure control, and more.

The camera’s 1400 x 1024 pixel resolution runs at an impressive 100 frames a second full resolution. It features large square pixels at 7.4µm x 7.4µm for good sensitivity.

The CMOS camera’s cubic-shaped compact form of 44 x 44 x 44mm body weighs less than 175g and is very power efficient running at <4W. It outputs over Mini Cameralink and is Power of CL (PoCL) capable.

The camera runs at a data rate of 80MHz and, with mini Camera Link, provides connectivity at up to 10 metres distance. The PoCL feature comes as a single one-connector solution eliminating the need for a second power cable.

The camera’s vertical windowing feature allows users to trade-off vertical resolution for increased speeds. Reducing the camera’s resolution to VGA increases the frame rate to 216fps.

The new Falcon 1.4M100 CMOS camera has superior speeds, impressive resolutions, compact body, mini-Camera Link and loads of features at a competitive price.

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