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High performance press brake

DYE Machinery (Australia) has introduced a new range of NGX press brakes to the Australian market. The DYE NGX model offers larger pressing capacities in the same overall machine length, with the added advantage of increased distances between side frames.

The DYE NGX, now available with longer back gauge travels and faster pressing speeds.

The DYE NGX models are now available with longer back gauge travels and faster pressing speeds (20mm/sec for example) with Dye’s XPRESS. option.

Other new features include the XR-FA back gauge with an X and R axis back gauge that enables the operator, by simply pushing a button, to safely and easily raise the back gauge, clearing the tooling, and drive the probes through the machine, enabling the operator to move the four Z probes to their new position for the next fold.

No additional adjusting tools are required, and there is no need for the operator to reach through the machine.

This time saving and safer option offers the end user a cost-effective alternative to the fully motorised XRZZ or X1X2R1R2Z1Z2 back gauge systems also available.

Rapid positioning speeds of 500mm/sec are achieved with quad linear support tracks, ground ball screws, and the latest ac brushless high speed servomotors with resolvers.

The NGX series still uses Dye’s Anti Deflection System (ADS) that minimises the need to shim under the bottom tool. The controller, working from the information entered by the operator while simply programming any fold, will calculate the reverse force required to crown the bottom beam, counteracting the normal deflection in the beams.

The hydraulics on the NGX models are now powered by a quite and energy efficient internal gear pump. The controller automatically sets the pressure to that required for each individual fold hence minimising power consumption. Over the life of a machine this saving is significant.

The NGX models are offered with the Swiss-made Cybelec controllers. A variety of controller models is available catering for clients who require the simplest of press brakes, right through to top end machines needing DXF file conversion, 3D software, and offline programming.

Most controller models operate on a windows platform with colour graphics in 2D or 3D simulation (model dependent). USB ports and network ability are standard on most models together with the offline programming software.

The hydraulic cylinders are individually controlled by proportional valve technology, with electronic synchronisation through independently mounted high quality linear encoders effectively allowing the operator to fold tapers, fold off-centre, and use a number of tooling stations along the machine length for folding complicated parts.

Along with the release of the DYE’s NGX models is DYE’s new DAC (Digital Angle Correction) system. A specially designed electronic protractor, that is integrated with the controller, can be used by the operator to measure the folded angle to correct any variation.

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