Helping F&B clients upskill with bespoke training


Australia’s food, beverage and manufacturing sector is facing a national-wide challenge: a skills shortage. To stem this challenge and assist customer’s in upskilling their staff, BSC Engineering Services provides tailor-made training in a variety of application and product types.

In this article, BSC National Engineering Manager Anthony O’Keefe, and Key Account Executive Duncan McKellar describe some of the issues facing the industry and how BSC is well-positioned to provide engineering services and solutions, in addition to supplying a wide range of products. They discuss how BSC assisted a large food manufacturer to upskill their maintenance staff with a series of bespoke training sessions provided at the client’s premises.

“One of the key areas where we bring value to our customers is in upskilling their teams. What we are hearing more and more from clients is that their resources are diminished,” explains Anthony. “This is particularly evident in the food and beverage manufacturing sector where career-hopping is common, and therefore training resources are becoming scarcer.”

According to Anthony, the skills gap has intensified other challenges faced in the sector – namely the increased pressure to make processes more efficient, which has also meant that there are less staff on the floor.

“For example, from a manufacturer’s point of view, everyone is under pressure to become leaner and more efficient, so there are less people in general to perform tasks. The staff that remain must be able to do a broader range of tasks – there is less specialisation,” he says. “About 15 years ago, it wasn’t a stretch for an operator to be skilled in a particular task and then slowly increase the diversity of their work. Upskilling was successful. However, as those people have left organisations, along with their predecessors, we’re seeing significant skill gaps.”

Having less operational staff and those not skilled in identifying issues with machinery means maintenance of equipment might get overlooked.

“The maintenance staff relies on operational staff as far as a work order is concerned,” Anthony points out. “If operators are not identifying tasks or issues, then that has an impact on the performance of equipment and its uptime”.

At its core, BSC is dedicated to improving plant up-time and equipment performance. Which is why BSC’s business transcends that of being a supplier and extends into solutions-based services. This incorporates engineering services and comprehensive product training.

“Our product catalogue is vast, with many different bearing brands, and power transmission products. Our point of difference is understanding the customer’s application, and then advising as to which product will suit their needs best based on assessment and analysis,” says Anthony. “We also are in a good position to navigate issues around supply and give our customer’s a heads up on lead times and availability. At the end of the day, we want to be valuable partner to our clients.”

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