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Have you under-utilised equipment?

If your company has leading edge equipment that is under utilised, and would you like assistance to promote this equipment to a national network of firms, then you could be interested in a new program developed by the Federal Government’s Enterprise Connect program.

As an Enterprise Connect Technology Partner, you may be eligible to receive up to $5,000 (ex GST) to make this equipment available to other firms.

Applications are being called from firms with leading edge equipment not generally available in the market, to register as an Enterprise Connect Technology Partner.

A sign on fee of up to $5,000 (excluding GST) will be paid to firms for each piece of equipment listed on the register.

$3,000 is payable for in-principle agreement to make equipment available to other firms and a further $2,000 is payable towards access by the first external user/s of the equipment.

It is not expected that the firm would give priority access to its equipment to other firms. However, where it has spare capacity, it is expected this will be made available.

Examples of leading edge equipment that could be included on the register include:

. Autoclave composite moulding – widely used in the aerospace industry to fabricate high strength/weight ratio parts from pre-impregnated high strength fibres for aircraft, spacecraft and missiles

. 3D laser milling – 3D laser milling is a new laser machining process which uses a laser beam to machine 3 dimensional shapes into a wide variety of materials

. Powdered metal processes – thixomoulding, magnesium moulding

. Testing and measuring systems – metrology systems

For more information contact your Enterprise Connect’s office in your state or visit

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