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Happy holidays from us

Dear readers,

This is the part where we say we love you but we’re about to take a break…

It's been a hell of a year for everyone involved with and interested in manufacturing.

The PM’s taskforce report and Asian Century white paper, the uncertainty around whether or not we’ll be making cars for much longer, and the pain caused by a dollar that just won’t give our exporters a break were some of the big issues of the year.

We saw stories highlighting things that could transform industry forever: the possibilities involving the 3D manufacturing (which will get cheaper and more available the longer we stay here) and the potential gains offered by the industrial internet are just two of many massive “watch these space” issues for next year and beyond.

The holidays are only minutes away for us here at MM, and we’d like to keep this short.

We’d just like to finish up by thanking you for your curiosity and your comments and wishing you the very best for the holidays and for 2013.

See you next year,

All at Manufacturers’ Monthly




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