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Handheld CO2 monitor/logger

THE GFM100 series of battery-powered handheld gas monitors manufactured by Gas Data Ltd are now available from Anri Instruments.

Designed to monitor CO2 levels by infrared technology.

Primarily designed to monitor CO2 levels by infrared technology, the range can accommodate measurement of up to seven gases, by using additional electrochemical type gas sensors. Optional unattended data logging and download software is also available.

Each unit includes a large backlit display, inbuilt sample pump, rechargeable battery and charger, user programmable alarm levels, and user calibration facility.

For CO2 measurement, applications include safety, compost, mushroom, bulk storage, incubator, research, beer gas, soft drink dispensing, cannery and bottling, breweries, fermentation, controlled and modified atmosphere monitoring.

The units are supplied with optional hard carrying case and leather pouch.

Other gases measured include O2, CO, H2S, SO2, NO, NO2, NH3, CL2, HCN and CH4.

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