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H.I. Fraser

Project: High Pressure Double Swivel

H.I.Fraser is a small to medium Australian-owned custom design and manufacturer of high pressure gas and fluid components.

The company designed the double swivel coupling to provide adaptability and flexibility in the ability of operators to connect gas bottles to other devices.

The coupling increases the efficiency of the process of filling by allowing the filling process to occur from the side or the top. This coupling swivels in two planes and is therefore without peer since competitive products do not have this feature.

Other design innovations include: a swivel securing nut that eliminates the potential possibility that it could become undone; a sealing mechanism that ensures that metal to metal wear is eliminated; and a combination of seal materials including EPDM and PTFE to achieve the appropriate non reactive gas seal.

The company distributes the product to several high profile gas companies and has already exported several units domestically and overseas.

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