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Greens bill would force use of Whyalla, Illawarra steel

The Greens are scheduled to announce a bill in South Australian parliament to make the use of Australian steel law in government projects.

Indaily reports that the Greens bill would force the requirement of around 90 per cent local steel in future projects.

SA Greens leader said the bill would go further than pledges by Labor – who say the Greens have copied their steel policy – and provide “legislation” rather than “assurances”.

“Despite all the attention now being given to the future of the Whyalla steelworks, there is still a glaring lack of commitment to local procurement of steel,” SA Greens leader Mark Parnell told Indaily.

“Of course, there will be occasional cases where a local steel product isn’t available or isn’t suitable, however, the Greens’ Bill ensures around 90 per cent of steel used will be made in Australian furnaces in Whyalla and the Illawarra by Australian workers.”

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