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Greater South East Melbourne the key to Future Made in Australia, says minister

At the launch of the GSEM Jobs and Skills Roadmap, federal skills minister Brendan O’Connor has declared that the Greater Southeast Melbourne region is the key to “A Future Made in Australia.”

The launch of the roadmap that will help O’Connor assist regions right across the country was held in Parliament House, Canberra, last Wednesday.

“It will help inform me about how other regions of Australia can take the best approach to ensuring that we have successful economies, good jobs, and of course, ultimately, a successful nation,” said O’Connor.

“Planning for skills needs is critical at a time when the economy and labour market are rapidly changing.”

The minister invited the GSEM region to continue to engage closely with Jobs and Skills Australia and the national Jobs and Skills Councils, “given how critical you are to the manufacturing sector of this country.”

O’Connor said that the region and the federal government understand the need for greater collaboration to address workforce requirements.

“We understand the importance of improving equity, inclusive growth, and reducing disadvantage in our VET (Vocational Education and Training) sector.”

The minister also invited GSEM to engage with the government to help ensure better analysis of the labour market and to better understand trends in local economies.

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