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Grants to help semiconductor manufacturer venture into medtech

Hendon Semiconductors has announced that it has been offered a grant of up to $605,561 to  upgrade it’s facilities and equipment for the development and manufacturing of medical products.

The funding comes from the Government of South Australia’s Economic Recovery Fund Round 1.

The project, with a total value of $1,227,522, will allow Hendon Semiconductors to produce high-quality medical devices by adding clean room and sterilisation facilities as well as wafer to COB processing of semiconductors.

By leveraging existing equipment and integrating advanced technologies, the project will accelerate the development of medical products in South Australia and enable the production of both miniaturised and high-frequency devices.

It is specifically targeted towards the support of higher reliability requirements necessary for implantable devices.

Hendon aims to revolutionise the prototyping and manufacturing of medical devices in Australia.

Hendon Semiconductors has already made significant strides in accelerating defence programme developments with its cutting-edge equipment, capable of reducing prototype production lead time from 12 weeks to just 3 days.

South Australia boasts a diverse medical device innovation sector with multiple facilities across the state punching well above their weight on the world stage.

However, the local infrastructure to commercialise these innovations is usually either commercialised offshore or licensed or sold at a low technology readiness level, limiting their economic impact.

This project by Hendon Semiconductors aims to address these challenges by establishing capabilities that are currently unavailable in South Australia or possibly even in Australia.

By providing a local solution for the development and manufacturing of advanced medical devices, the project has the potential to facilitate industry diversification, create high-value jobs, and enhance export potential for South Australia.

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