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Government welcomes climate change review

THE Australian Government yesterday welcomed the release of the final report of the Garnaut Climate Change Review.

Minister for Climate Change and Water, Senator Penny Wong, said Professor Garnaut’s independent review was the most comprehensive economic review of climate change since the Stern Review was released in 2006.

“Professor Garnaut’s work highlights the scale of the challenge of tackling climate change,” Senator Wong said.

“His Climate Change Review shows that while there will be some unavoidable costs from climate change, the costs of taking action to reduce carbon pollution are less than the costs that would be incurred if we fail to act.

“It shows the costs of climate change are likely to occur earlier and be more substantial than previous modelling has indicated.”

The Garnaut Review was commissioned by the Federal Labor Opposition and State Labor Governments in 2007.

“The Labor Party made a decision to get started on this important work from opposition because we understand the importance of taking action on climate change,” Senator Wong said.

“The previous government failed to address climate change for over a decade and prominent members of the Liberal Opposition are still trying to delay action at every opportunity.

“Professor Garnaut’s work has gone a long way towards getting Australia on the right track to address the enormous challenge of climate change.”

The Government thanks Professor Garnaut and his team for their excellent work.

“Professor Garnaut is one of Australia’s most esteemed economists,”

“His work has already a made strong contribution in Australia and will be studied closely around the world,” Senator Wong said.

The Rudd Government is scheduled to release further Treasury modelling in October.

The Government’s White Paper on the final design of the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme is due for release by the end of the year.

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