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Government reveals 2024 National Defence Strategy

The Federal Government has released the inaugural National Defence Strategy, which sets out a fundamentally new approach to the defence of Australia and its interests.

Developed in response to last year’s Defence Strategic Review, the 2024 National Defence Strategy outlines the Government’s strategic framework to guide the significant and urgent changes required to address Australia’s challenging strategic circumstances.

The announcement was delivered by deputy prime minister, the Hon Richard Marles MP, he said, “The inaugural National Defence Strategy sets out a clear and priority-driven approach to protecting against threats to Australia and our interests.

In partnership with the rebuilt Integrated Investment Program, the government announced the National Defence Strategy is a blueprint to deliver an ambitious transformation of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) to an integrated, focused force capable of safeguarding Australia’s security for decades to come.

In the announcement the Federal government stated the National Defence Strategy sees a Strategy of Denial become the cornerstone of Defence planning. This approach guides Defence’s contribution to National Defence and spans all domains – maritime, land, air, space and cyber.

“The National Defence Strategy outlines how we are transforming the ADF and equipping it to survive in a much less certain world,” said Marles.

The adoption of National Defence also means the ADF will shift to an integrated, focused force designed to address Australia’s most significant strategic risks. This will ensure the ADF has the capacity to:

  • defend Australia and our immediate region;
  • deter through denial any potential adversary’s attempt to project power against Australia through our northern approaches;
  • protect Australia’s economic connection to the region and the world;
  • contribute with our partners to the collective security of the Indo-Pacific; and
  • contribute with our partners to the maintenance of the global rules-based order.

“These transformational reforms are designed to ensure that peace, security, and prosperity are maintained in our region,” said Marles.

Underpinning the National Defence Strategy is a generational investment in the ADF’s posture, capability and structure.

The 2024 National Defence Strategy is available here. 

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