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Government delays cleaner car rebate scheme

The Government will defer the commencement of the Cleaner Car Rebate Scheme until 1 July 2011, reportedly to “ensure a smooth roll out of the program and to maximise the environmental benefits of the Scheme.”

The Scheme was announced by the Government during the recent election campaign with a projected commencement date of 1 January 2011.

Since being elected the Government has been actively consulting with stakeholders likely to be participants in the Scheme, it says.

“Stakeholders have told the Government that sufficient time is needed for a comprehensive consultation process to ensure best practice in terms of design, administration and risk management,” Senator Carr said.

The consultation process will include the detailed design of the Scheme and the method of its implementation so the Government can ensure the Scheme meets its objective of reducing road transport emissions.

Senator Carr said that road transport carbon emissions account for over 12% of Australia’s total emissions and are one of the strongest sources of emissions growth in Australia.

The Government is said to remain committed to lowering those emissions and improving the environmental outcomes of the Australian automotive sector.

“The Government is working on a range of initiatives to lower road transport carbon emissions, including the introduction of mandatory carbon emissions standards for all new light vehicles sold into the Australian market from 2015,” said Senator Carr.

“It is also helping the industry produce more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles and components through the Green Car Innovation Fund.”

Funding for the Cleaner Car Rebate Scheme will be included in the 2011-12 Budget.

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