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Google Cloud’s Supply Chain Twin brings visibility to supply chains

Supply Chain Twin

Google Cloud has announced the launch of Supply Chain Twin, a purpose-built industry solution that can build a digital twin to provide a complete view of a business’ suppliers, inventories and other information. 

The new Supply Chain Pulse module can be used with the Supply Chain Twin for real-time dashboards, advanced analytics, alerts on critical issues like potential disruptions, and collaboration in Google Workspace. 

Many companies do not have complete visibility of their supply chains, which results in retail stock outs, ageing manufacturing inventory, or weather-related disruptions. COVID-19-related supply chain disruptions have also amplified the need for more up-to-date insights. 

“Siloed and incomplete data is limiting the visibility companies have into their supply chains,” Google Cloud Supply Chain and Logistics Solutions managing director Hans Thalbauer said.  

“The Supply Chain Twin enables customers to gain deeper insights into their operations, helping them optimise supply chain functions—from sourcing and planning to distribution and logistics.”  

Supply Chain Twin brings together data from multiple sources, while requiring less partner integration time than traditional API-based integration. Some customers have seen a 95 per cent reduction in analytics processing time, with times for some dropping from 2.5 hours down to eight minutes. 

Once customers are up-and-running on Supply Chain Twin, the Supply Chain Pulse module enables further visibility, simulations and collaboration features: 

  • Real-time visibility and advanced analytics: Drill down into key operational metrics with executive performance dashboards that make it easier to view the status of the supply chain. 
  • Alert-driven event management and collaboration across teams: Set mobile alerts that trigger when key metrics reach user-defined thresholds, and build shared workflows that allow users to quickly collaborate in Google Workspace to resolve issues. 
  • AI-driven optimisation and simulation: Trigger AI-driven algorithm recommendations to suggest tactical responses to changing events, flag more complex issues to the user and simulate the impact of hypothetical situations. 

One customer is Renault Group, an automobile manufacturer, which is looking to improve inventory level visibility. 

“By aggregating inventory data from our suppliers and leveraging Google Cloud’s strength in organising and orchestrating data, with solutions like the Supply Chain Twin we expect to achieve a holistic view,” Renault Group Supply Chain global vice president Jean-François Salles said. 

“We aim to work with Google tools to manage stock, improve forecasting, and eventually optimise our fulfilment.” 

Google Cloud’s new solution has also been recommended by IDC Program vice president Simon Ellis, who guides manufacturers on key business and IT issues. 

“End-to-end visibility across the entire supply chain is a top priority for supply chain professionals to optimise planning, real-time decision making and monitoring,” Ellis said. 

“Google Cloud’s approach to a digital twin of the supply chain spans internal, external, and partner data networks without complex integrations. This approach can help organisations to better plan, monitor, collaborate and respond at scale.” 

Supply Chain Twin and the Twin Pulse module are now globally available. For more information on Supply Chain Twin, visit here. 

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