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Global partnership extends local manufacturer

Thales, has selected Australian SME, EM Solutions, to provide mobile radio and satellite products and microwave devices.

While the two companies have worked together since 2012, when Thales contracted EM Solutions to provide Ka band components for a satellite terminal being built in France, a recent $6.5 million contract to supply components for a connectivity project points towards the solidification of the relationship.

According to a statement released by Thales, EM Solutions’ ability to provide timely modifications to their off-the-shelf products to satisfy Thales’s requirements was essential to the continuation of the commercial partnership.

Leading up to the current contract, in 2016 the two companies signed an agreement to streamline ordering, and in 2018 Thales awarded the company Supplier of the year for Export Achievement.

“Thales has built trust with EM Solutions over an extended period and it is as a result of good communications and its proven track record that Thales has the confidence in EM Solutions to deliver,” said Anne Munro, head of Thales’ Global Supply Chain team.

Currently, Thales utilises devices created by EM Solutions for satellite terminals that are used in land and maritime applications, such as the Cobra X/Ka tri-band Maritime Satellite Terminal. These terminals are used by Navy vessels in Australia and other national naval forces.

Having solidified the connection between Thales and EM Solutions, CEO of EM Solutions, Rowan Gilmore, commented that this success will allow for the expansion of the company.

“Because of this business, EM Solutions has expanded its capacity, purchased additional equipment and hired new staff to meet delivery requirements,” said Gilmore.

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