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GE’s ads to promote US manufacturing

General Electric has launched a national ad campaign in the US promoting the role of American manufacturing and American exports as a way forward for the conglomerate and the national economy.

According to the company, the new campaign will highlight manufacturing in the US and the people creating today’s innovations.

The TV spot, called “Wrench”, will feature employees at GE that make aircraft engines, health-care products and energy products.

The campaign will include other spots with actors to discuss how exports support US jobs.

The company also plans 30-second radio spots about manufacturing and innovation that will air on conservative talk shows

The campaign follows on the heels of a speech by GE Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Immelt last week on “American Renewal,” as GE announced a new R&D centre in Detroit that will eventually employ 1,200 scientists.

“This country ought to be, and we can be, not just the world’s leading market but a leading exporter as well,” Immelt said.

Immelt’s recent comments indicate a shift for the conglomerate that pioneered techniques in outsourcing and globalization. More than half of GE’s revenues come from abroad.

“We must make a serious commitment to manufacturing and exports. This is a national imperative.”

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