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German submarine bid would spread know-how to Australian manufacturers

The German bid’s success in the Future Submarines three-way contest would help Adelaide’s industry retool and encourage Australia manufacturing sector get up to speed globally, according to a Siemens boss.

AAP reports that Chuck Grindstaff, global VP of the German-based engineering firm, has said a planned digital shipyard in Adelaide would help transform the city into a high-tech manufacturing hub.

“It’s no longer about who has the strongest back, but who best uses their brain and receives the best training in areas like mechanics, mechatronics, computers, software, design and engineering,” Grindstaff said yesterday.

The combination of the innovation agenda, use of advanced manufacturing technology used by the US Navy, and German industrial vision would help prepare Australia for the digital age, he said.

Siemens is the largest supplier to TKMS, which is heading the German bid to build Australia’s next submarines. The bid is proposing a fleet of Type 216 submarines. It is competing with Japanese and French consortium bids, with the winner of the Competitive Evaluation Process expected to be announced later this year.

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