German company supports domestic manufacture of Australian submarines

Germany’s ThyssenKrupp Marine System (TKMS) Chairman Dr Hans Christoph Atzpodien said that Australia’s latest submarine fleet should be manufactured in Australia.

A contract for the $50 billion fleet is sought between Japan, France and Germany; the most expensive contract for defence in Australia.

According to SBS, Dr Atzpodien said, “An all-Australian build is the best option for Australia as it offers the most efficient and lowest-cost approach.”

Each country was required to produce three construction proposals: one in Australia, one overseas and another a combination of the two. These offers are currently in the Competitive Evaluation Process with the decision expected to be released in the next few months.

The submarine contract is set to become a big issue leading up to the Australian national election due to the employment boost it will create.

Germany’s proposal is believed to be the most commercial and has less government involvement. As Australia decides between its trade deals with China and its security interests with USA and Japan, Germany has distinguished itself as a neutral competitor; agreeing to have 12 submarines manufactured in Australia.

“A submarine tailored to the needs and the requirements of the Royal Australian Navy with a high degree of proven technology,” Dr Atzpodien said.

According to the ABC, Germany’s ambassador to Australia Christoph Muller said, “Germany and Australia have discovered that we are not only liked-minded, but that there are lots of things that we can do with each other and for each other.”

The German company has predicted 3 000 jobs for the ship building process but the exact location of the process is not identified.

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