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German-Australian Chamber launches Hydrogen Alliance

Australia and Germany are taking the opportunity to stake their claim as major players in the global hydrogen industry. The newly launched German-Australian Hydrogen Alliance, headed by the German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK Australien), will provide a platform for exchange between Australian and German stakeholders as well as informing and driving forward activities.

“We currently see strong political support, strong research links and, most importantly, strong business interest between these two like-minded partners. Ongoing close coordination of all sides is essential if we want to use the full potential of hydrogen developments,” said Christoph von Spesshardt, Executive Director of AHK Australien.

Close cooperation between both countries in many industrial sectors is already a given, as is the hydrogen expertise. There is a significant prospect to align the Australian supply with the need for German and European industry to decarbonise.

“The economic potential for bilateral collaboration is enormous,” adds Dr Michael Zettinig, Director Governmental Affairs and Communications at AHK Australien. “We are open to expanding the alliance to incorporate all relevant bilateral business sector stakeholders. 

The collaboration between both countries on various hydrogen projects received a lot of attention in recent months. As a bilateral chamber, representing new and established German and Australian businesses, the German-Australian business community can significantly support Australia’s exciting developments in the hydrogen sector.

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