Future-tech lube solutions for the food and beverage sector


The ROCOL brand’s range of food grade lubricants have been making waves with major food chains in recent years. According to Steve Keown, “ROCOL’s slightly higher price point is more than compensated for by the quality of their products.”

“Without reliable, certifiable lubrication products, it is certain that manufacturers will run into production issues,” says the CBC National Product Managers for ITW Polymers and Fluids.

ROCOL’s Foodlube product range includes hydraulic oils, gearbox oils, compressor oils, and grease for chains, sprockets, and bearings. All ROCOL Foodlube products are food-grade, which means they are suitable for food production or clean manufacturing environments.

“ROCOL manufacture high-end lubricants that check every box for certifications and in some cases increase the performance of components. So, as soon as a procurement manager unrolls ROCOL’s extensive list of certifications, there is automatic assurance that they can sleep at night knowing certifications are being met and production is running smoothly.”

The products are NSF H1 registered in case of accidental contact with food products and use only FDA approved ingredients, free from mineral hydrocarbons, GMO’s and nut oils and their derivatives.

“It is of the utmost importance that food-grade lubricants meet several benchmarks; such as ‘food-specific’ certifications for the many applications at the manufacturers site,” asserts Steve. “But it is also important to ensure that consistent supply-chain is available. Certain products are hard to import these days due to travel restrictions, but ROCOL has an extremely high-tech Australian-based manufacturing facility, so their Australian manufactured products are consistently available with reliability.”

Although, not Australian-owned, ROCOL has an interesting history to draw upon.

The ROCOL brand was acquired by Illinois Tool Works (ITW) in 1999, but its origins date back to 1878 when Russian chemist Victor Ivanovitch Ragosine developed his first non-corrosive lubricating oil, which he subsequently distributed across Europe as the first product of its kind.

A businessman from Leeds eventually bought out Ragosine and Company Ltd, or ‘ROCOL’ for short, and turned it into one of the most prominent industrial lubricant companies in the world. Today, ROCOL maintains their reputation for producing innovative high-quality industrial lubricants that are made with premium ingredients and are widely recognised for their longevity.

Connor Devereux, Brand Manager for Heavy Industry at ITW Polymers & Fluids outlines some of the key products in the ROCOL Foodlube range of products, offering ‘a complete lubrication solution’ for customers who value the performance of their equipment.

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