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Furphy exports to China

GOULBURN Valley based Furphy Engineering, one of regional Victoria’s major engineering and fabrication companies has recently made its first major export delivery to China.

Furphy Engineering has recently completed fabrication of a large galvanising ‘kettle’ or bath for a privately owned galvanizing company based in Guandong Province of China.

The export order valued at about $150,000 is for a steel bath with dimensions of 13 metres in length, 1.5 metres in width and 2.6 metres in width and with an all up weight for shipment of about 41 tonnes.

The bath will contain the molten zinc into which steel is dipped for long term corrosion resistance.

Adam Furphy managing director of J Furphy & Sons said his company’s client is a fabricator of steel power transmission towers and sought out his company to supply the bath over alternative fabricators in Europe and the USA.

“Over the past fifteen years Furphy’s have fabricated about 120 similar kettles or baths, of which about two thirds have been exported to galvanizing contractors around the world.

“We are recognised for our skills, innovation and capacity in heavy duty steel fabrication for the galvanizing industry in particular.

“Member companies of the Furphy group have significant experience in hot dip zinc galvanizing as we currently operate three such plants in regional Victoria.

“We have been alert for some time to the significant potential in China where there are some 1,500 galvanizing plants, most of which are seeking to improve their efficiency, environmental performance, and the finished quality of galvanized steel in particular.

“Obviously with the major development of national infrastructure under way, we believe further opportunities will open up for us in China” Adam Furphy added.

The galvanizing bath was fabricated from 50mm thickness of low silicon Xlerplate® steel supplied by Bluescope Steel.

“This a high quality, consistent specification heavy duty steel plate which we cut, press and weld to form the large bath which is shipped from our site at Shepparton as a complete fabrication and exported from Melbourne to China” Adam Furphy said.

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