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Funding for defence manufacturing skills

Victoria hopes to attract more students to study defence manufacturing with an $855,000 grant for a new defence manufacturing skills training project.

A.W. Bell, located in Dandenong South, will work with education provider Chisholm Institute and other industry partners to create a training course in investment casting and defence manufacturing, the first in Australia.

The course will in particular train future employees in the process of investment casting, which involves pouring molten metal into a ceramic shell, to produce metal components for the defence, aerospace, and biomedical sectors.

The future qualification will utilise augmented reality scenarios so that students can use, assemble, and maintain equipment in a safe and simulated environment, while working in conditions as close to industry as possible.

The Victorian government has previously identified the state’s strength’s in investment casting, and its potential to support global defence supply chains.

“This training will ensure we have the skilled workers we need to be a world leader in defence technology and manufacturing,” said Minster for Training and Skills and Higher Education, Gayle Tierney.

By providing the course through an industry partner, the Victorian government hopes that students will be equipped with the knowledge and experience to succeed in industry.

“This project is yet another example of the work we’re doing to develop innovative, cutting-edge training solutions to meet the needs of both students and industry,” said Tierney.

Being located in the manufacturing hub of Dandenong, local MP, Gabrielle Williams, hopes that the course benefits the area as a whole.

“This cutting-edge training in Dandenong will help to give locals the skills they need, for jobs in a significant emerging industry,” said Williams.

The funding for the project is being delivered under the Workplace Training Innovation Fund, which attempts to give students skills that are in demand from employers.

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