From sawdust to success: Timken delivers timber mill triumph for timber mills

Timken, a renowned worldwide supplier of industrial belts and related components, has introduced a specialised V-belt that has been sawing through competition in the building material manufacturing industry. This belt, known as the Timken Double Angled V-Belt, has proven indispensable at a large multi-site timber mill in Australia, specifically in trim saw applications. The belt also has some unique modifications, as highlighted by Rob Michelson, Motion’s National Product Manager for Belts, which are leaving competitors in the saw dust.
“In timber mills, power transmission is crucial for driving various machinery and equipment involved in the timber processing and sawing operations, which is where these belts really stand out,” says Rob. As a result, this is where the belt’s unique modifications shine.

“One key modification is the replacement of standard polyester cords with Aramid cords,” says Rob.

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